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The Size Guide

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The worth of your jewelry should not be based on it's price or how it sparkles but on how good it looks on the person wearing it. Aside from your outfit, your jewelry is the most noticed item you put on your body, especially necklaces. Finding the proper size for your jewelry is very important, not only to ensure that it fits but also to see how it affects the overall appearance of the actual wearer.  You have the ability to change the whole look of your ensemble just by changing your necklace, earrings or bracelet. When choosing a piece of adornment, think about the overall statement you want it to make for you and your outfit and where you want your pieces to fall. The diagrams below will show you various lengths (necklaces/earrings) and widths (bracelets) and their drop (necklaces/earrings) on the average neckline, ears and wrists.


(Note: Based on average measurements)

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Choker (12"-14") & Collar (15"-16")
Consider a collar/choker necklace if you have a think neck and are wearing a top or dress that shows it off. Collar /Choker necklaces look best with off the shoulder, V-neck or boatneck style dresses and shirts. You will also find many collar necklaces that are made out of 2-3 strands, all of which lie snugly against the neck. Note: Many vintage necklaces are around the size, especially pieces from the 1960's on back.
Princess (17"-20")
The Princess length is the most popular length in necklaces at 17"-20" inches long. When you are wearing a princess style necklace be sure that the top of the dress or shirt that you are wearing is either lower or higher than the drop of your necklace.  The Princess style necklace is also the perfect support and length for a pendant. 
Matinee (21"-29")
Choose the matinee style necklace to accent non decorated dresses or shirts with very low necklines.  You don't want your clothes to take aways from the statement of your necklace. Matinees are a great way to add elegance to work clothes or even super casual wear.
Opera (30"-44")
Opera length necklace are great for making a statement. This style necklace is best worn with a formal gown or blouse or.....if you are feeling very Carrie Bradshaw/Miranda Priestly like, wear it as you may. This necklace can also be worn to dress up a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. This long length draws attention to your bust and away from your neckline. You can also double the opera length necklace to create a versatile two strand choker.
Lariat/Rope (45"& Up)
Dripping with shear elegance and sensuously sexy, this length forces the eye to move up and down the torso and looks best worn with evening wear or the simplicity of jeans and a T-shirt. Ropes can also be wrapped to form a double or triple strand necklace that you can pair with any outfit to dress up your casual ensemble.


(Note: Based on average measurements.The sizes noted below are inches)

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Necklaces are always a go-to piece of adornment to set your ensemble. However, earrings can create an equally appealing and effective statement look as well. When choosing to don earrings, you will want to take into consideration where your earring(s) will fall in relation to the neckline of your ensemble. If you are wearing a necklace along with your earrings, you would want to have adequate space between your necklace and the drop of your earrings. The larger the earrings, you would do best to opt only to wear statement earrings to keep a streamlined look and not appear "cluttered".

Bracelets & Bangles

(Note: Based on average measurements)

Bracelet Size Guide Pt.1: Find Your Bracelet Size And Wrist Size
Bracelets are definitely a piece that is easy to put on and just go. They are absolutely stunning when worn where they can be seen. For myself, I love stacking bracelets but I also love the simplicity of one gorgeous gemstone bracelet. As a people, we tend to speak with our hands. Give your audience something extra to look at when doing so, :-).
When measuring your bracelet size, be sure to measure your wrist with a tape measure and measure around your wrist. If you do not have a tape measure, you may use a piece of string to wrap around your wrist and then measure the length with a regular ruler. 
Note: If measuring for a bangle bracelet here are the following steps:
1. Place hand in the position of putting on a bangle.
2.Measure (in inches) around the widest part of hand including your thumb knuckle with a string or tape measure.
3. That's it! Now you know your bangle bracelet size.
Style is subjective and always remember, do wear what makes you feel great and wear it the way YOU want!